Friday, July 31, 2009

Their Better Business Bureau response and mine back

Yesterday I received 3BTech's response to my BBB complaint it is below and my response back as their answer was not satisfactory to me. Now they have until Aug 10th to respond yet again.
I also wanted to thank the anonymous commenter from yesterday about the customer service, or should I say the lack thereof. I know I have ALWAYS tried to make MY customers happy...
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Their response:
On July 29, 2009, the business provided the following information:
We do not offer refunds on our custom built computers. This is clearly listed on our site under the terms and conditions. These terms must be agreed upon at check out by the customer. There is a box that the customer must check stating they agree to our terms or the transaction will not go through. The statement by the customer that 3BTech does not do any refunds is absurd. We have a full time employee who's main job is to issue refunds. It is unfortunate that the customer experienced minor issues in the beginning. We tried to fix these right away. If the customer would have rather sent the item in they should have voiced there displeasure. We have offered many times to fix the machine at no cost to the customer. We normally require the customer to pay the ship any item back to us. We notified the customer we would make an exception and not require them to pay shipping. At the end of the day, we would like the opportunity to fix any problem the customer experienced. The item has a 1 year repair warranty and we would like the opportunity to repair the unit.

We would like to repair the unit at no cost to the customer. We have already issued a prepaid UPS shipping label to the customers email address.

My reply back:
It is NOT clearly listed on their site under terms and conditions and I have that in print dated July 17th. All they are doing is a bunch of double talk. If you would like to read the ENTIRE case here, you may go to my blog at and start back at July 16th and read forward. You will see that they DO claim to not give refunds, but yet in their dispute,they have a full time employee that does nothing but issue refunds. There is also a recorded phone call on my blog from last week,it is of course typed out on the blog. Their remark about it being unfortunate that we experienced minor problems in the beginning is what is absurd here as there should have been NO problems at all. I really don't understand their second statement "If the customer would have rather sent the item in they should have voiced there displeasure."
Yes, they HAVE offered to fix the computer at no cost, BUT they don't seem to see what a bother it is to have to run to the post office every other week or so to send it back so they can fix what should NOT be broken in the first place. As well as the gasoline to get there and back and the inconvenience of not having the merchandise.
This IS going to end up in court as I have made it a legal matter now.

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  1. Woohoo!!! Now they are at least trying to be negotiable!

    Get 'em!!