Saturday, July 18, 2009

3Btech update

Well, it is now Saturday afternoon and they still have not bothered to contact me back or answer any of the questions I asked. BUT I see they HAVE visited here quite a bit. Well, Monday I will be retaining an attorney as they think that blowing me off is the answer and that I will just go away. WRONG!! My Mom is entitled to her money back and we will NOT stop fighting until we get it.
I also keep checking Ripoff Report and they have not responded to anything there either.
I still don't understand what a "refund warranty" is...especially if they don't give refunds???
My sister again confirmed today that she was specifically told she had 2 options. One was to send the unit back and have it "fixed." The other was to send it back for a full refund. But I was told (in an email) "We are very sorry you are upset. Unfortunately, we do not any refund on our customer built computers. If someone told you this before they were mistaken are we are sorry." (Thats their wording, not typos on my end)
They also told me "All of our systems are supposed to be throughly tested before shipment. We are not sure what happened with your particular machine but we can definately get that fixed for you." (again not typos on my end)
The other thing I thought was pretty hysterical was their "Note" at the end of their satisfaction email address. "Note: We understand that you may be upset, but please be civil and refrain from swearing to make sure our spam filters do not intercept your e-mail." Gee, think they've had some other problems? Maybe they just got wind of how hard I fight when I know I'm in the right. LOL
Oh and this was pretty funny too "We've set up this email address to try to help customers solve issues they are having. Unfortunately, we can;t abandon all of our policies to do this." (again not my typo)
I asked them to also explain that phrase and still nothing.
Well, we will see what the BBB and our attorney can do for us. I just can't understand how a company can have a "no refund" policy especially on high ticket items. I do believe though, that Ohio is exempt from their "policy." Our attorney will know for sure.
I'm also making a trip in to file the dispute on the credit card, so I will at least get the money back until the attorney can sort things out...


  1. Sorry to hear about all this - like you need the stress; NOT!

  2. You go girl!...When you're right, you're right, and that's all there is to it.

  3. I am with them. I hate when companies do that shit to ya.

  4. So sorry you have to deal with all of this mess.

  5. It seems there's bo such thing as customer service any longer.

    I just left a restaurant and when I paid, what do you suppose the cashier said? Possibly "Thank you" or "Come back again" ?

    Nope, not a word she walked off. I of couse said really loud "You're welcome!"

  6. just who is 3Btech? where are they and do they sell anything else other than computers? do they sell anything else from another name? i want to be sure to stay away from any of their products!