Friday, July 17, 2009

And Away We Goooooooo...AGAIN pt2

Well it is now 1:36 EST and nothing from them as of yet today. I did however send them the case number filed with the BBB. I also noted to them that my attorney is next on the list. Oh, since I paid with a credit card too, I am going to file a dispute for the return of the funds as well.
There are actually laws out there that protect us as the buyer as well as the sellers and I will be going through the proper channels to see that this company stops with their underhandedness and double talk. One of their "customer service" reps (Chip is his name) actually told me this yesterday, " I have never known them to give a refund, so I would not waste my time or energy if I were you, it won't happen." So, obviously I am NOT the first to complain about this company and/or their practices. Actually Iknow that I am not as there are several other complaints on My report # on is 470431. I believe you can type that into the search box and it should come up. As of right now it is on page 13 and is titled 3 B Tech computer, No refunds,double talking reps.
I will update soon, I'm sure!!

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