Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes Virginia, ther IS a Santa Claus!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to everyone!!
This blog today is dedicated to a very special lady and her family. Dolcie, this is for you.
Back on December 10th I was in an Etsy chat and met this wonderful lady for the very first time. I was talking to another friend of mine about a tragedy that had happened here locally the night before. My 16 year old niece's friend and her family lost everything the night before in a house fire. They were not home by the grace of God. But they lost 6 cats and a dog and all of their possessions. I was getting some food and essentials together for the family and filling my other friend in on what I was doing when Miss Dolcie started asking me questions. I gave her as much information as I could about them and she in turn gave me information to get in touch with Toys for Tots. Her son Jason is in charge of their local Toys for Tots in Farmington, New Mexico.
Well, Miss Dolcie then asked me for my address so that she could send some things for the family. Today I received the box and just sat and cried. This wonderful lady who does not even know me, let alone this family, sent a box of Christmas presents for the family. I just wanted to let people know that even in these tough economic times that people still really do care whether they have met you in person or not. Thank you again Dolcie and Jason!!
I also was able to contact our local Toys for Tots. Unfortunately they were done handing out toys for this year BUT they put me in touch with a minister and he donated $200 in Wal Mart gift cards for the family!! So, again thank you Dolcie and Jason for all you have done to help make this a wonderful Christmas for this family!!
Merry Christmas!! (Jesus is the reason for the season!!)

P.S. Dolcie also has a shop on Etsy

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pecan Turtles

Another week has gone by now and what a week it was. Always something!! Anyway I had my 10% off sale and didn't do too bad with it. I went from 13 sales to 29 sales in less than a week!! YAY!! I didn't do too bad with my Pecan turtles either. I did stock up on more pecans and am making them in milk, white and semi sweet chocolate. You can also do a 1/2 and 1/2 order. These make awesome gifts for the hard to buy for chocolate lover!
Visit my shop and let me know what I can do for you to help with your Christmas gift shopping!! (Chanukah too!!) I also have some other shops listed in my shop announcement that can also help with your shopping needs.


Friday, November 28, 2008


Well it is officially Black Friday here!! Instead of going out shopping I am running a sale in my Etsy shop all weekend thru Cyber Monday. 10% off my entire shop (excluding shipping). I also now have homemade Pecan turtles!! (They make great gifts too!!) Anyway, check out my sale and let me know what I can fix you up with. Locals just contact me and we'll deal with the delivery.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know we did!!
Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glutton for punishment?

Soooooo, I guess you could say I'm a glutton for punishment. I have opened yet another online shop. This one is on ArtFire and you guessed it, it has the same name. LOL
They are still tweaking the site, so I still have my other 2 shops as well although the one on Ecrater hasn't done squat. I have had a few sales in my Etsy shop though. Yay!! I am running a special in my Etsy shop for November, Buy 10 hairties (handsewn and or crocheted) mix n match get FREE shipping!! I'm trying desperately to get sales as the alternator in my truck is going out and man are they expensive!!
I will be making some pecan turtles and some fudge and listing it as well. Please let everyone know to visit my shop for their Holiday shopping. Etsy is the best place to reach me for sales. ( You have to sign up to buy, but it is FREE.
I also have some new items I have listed on Etsy. I have a few new eye comforts, owie bags and some cute Penguin figurines.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Me and my Shadow

Well it's Saturday the 8th of November a very depressing day for me. Yesterday I had to put "my baby" of 15 years to sleep. For those of you who don't know, we had a Siamese mix cat named Shadow. He was our "child". We got him when he was just 2 weeks old and had to bottle feed him and everything.
He had been getting extremely fragile these last few months and we knew it would be soon, but it was too soon for me and my hubby. It is so hard to let go. We know he's not hurting anymore, but boy we sure are. I am having a lot of trouble writing this, so forgive me of any typo's. (Hard to see through tears) Mom and I took him in yesterday because he just wasn't getting any better and they said his kidneys were shutting down and it was just a matter of time. He also had some kind of mass on his shoulder. He was just miserable. So the inevitable had to be done. "Grandma" and I stayed with him till the end as I could not let him go alone. He really was a trooper and a fighter.
We are trying to focus on all the memories and our other cats as well, but it is still so hard to deal with the loss.
I am only writing this to let people know that he is gone. Please do not send condolences* that is not what we want or need. Thank you.
On another note, I am still on my campaign of smearing Google Adsense. Remember to stay away from those ads!!
Thanks again to everyone and please remember to visit my online shop for your hoilday shopping needs. I will adjust pricing for those that are local.
Also if anyone knows a cheap way of advertising online for my shops and my friends shops, please let me know. We really would like to see our sales increase as well as get our shops exposed more. Thanks again!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Google AdSense IS a SCAM

Well, it's been about a week (I think) and wouldn't you know, my friend (who was also due to be paid) got her AdSense account cancelled. I say it's a HUGE scam and I WILL get the word out to anybody and everybody. My friend was going to use her monies for IVF treatment, mine was for bills, but Google thinks otherwise. Google is a good search engine, but that is as far as it goes! STAY AWAY FROM THEIR ADS!! DON'T post them, DON'T click on them, just stay far far away from them. This is one GOOD example of how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We were only trying to make a few extra bucks in this rotten economy. Google and their advertisers obviously aren't hurting, why do we have to suffer?
PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE send this out to EVERYONE you know. Help me spread the word about this SCAM!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google AdSense REAL OR SCAM?

Mornin' all,
Well I got an email first thing this morning stating that my Google AdSense account has been disabled. You know, those ads I begged y'all to click on for me. They basically say I am a "financial threat" to their advertisers. I just last night reached the $100.00 mark that they require before they will "pay out" and OH now I'm disabled and WON'T get paid. No reason, just boom disabled. "They can do this at their disgretion at any time they wish". Lucky me!! So far I have NOT received a response from them, I sent them a "success story" like they asked but since it was an UNsuccess story I'm sure they won't even bother. They want me to file an appeal and NOT contact them in any other form. Their appeals process is again "at their disgretion". So I'm SURE there is NO winning on the consumers end.
I am still supporting my friend and her AdSense Ads, hoping they don't disable her as well. But as for anyone else signing up for this service I strongly urge you NOT to. My friend is up to $200.00 right now and we are desperately hopeing they leave hers alone and pay out as her money is for the IVF.
Does Google really think I'm going to get rich on their Ads? I was useing it as a supplemental income and advertised for them as you all know. As well as advertising my shops and my friends' shops, blogs, etc... WOW, I was always told there is no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme, but evidentally Google thinks they have one. More power to them!!!
Let me know if you or anyone you know has also encountered this problem with Google AdSense. I'd like to know I'm not the only one they've pulled this CRAP on.
Sorry for rambling, but I am sooooooooo very pissed.............................

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, so far so good!! Saturday was our annual halloween bash and it was a blast!! So glad our friends enjoy themselves. I myself enjoyed a wee bit too much. Man I haven't been that plastered in a few years. It was all fine at first, but around 6 am it wasn't so good anymore. So, no margarita's for me for a while. LOL I guess it does help too if you eat a bunch of food before you drink the whole bottle and not just nibble here and there. YUCK Much better now, slept it off.
Yesterday was Kelso's big day, first trip to the vet. He got 2 shots and "snipped". I think he's still quite confused as to what's going on with being inside now.
Yesterday was also a big day for a good friend of mine. She went and had a breast ultra sound and ended up NOT having to have a mammogram just yet. (She is only 29) YAY!!
Friday was another special day for another friend of mine. She found out that she can go thru Invitro Fertalization later this year!! YAY!! We are hoping all goes well cuz they only have 1 shot thru their insurance.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Glad the month started out Great!!

I know, I know, It's been almost 3 weeks since I updated. Well, things have just went to hell the past few weeks. So far the best part of the month was the birth of Sammy, and of course my Mom had a birthday.
Well, as some of you know Jack and I were careing for an adorable kitten outside here. We were really trying hard to find her a good home. Last Monday morning I got up and went out to feed the cats (we have another one outside too Kelso) and I couldn't find my kitten. I looked around and unfortunately I found her. The neighbors dog had come over and killed her before I got up. It was a horrible day. Jack came home and buried her and then we came in and had to tear our fridge apart because it decided to blow the defrost switch again. SOOOOOOO, we were without a fridge for 3 days. Thank God Jack is such a GREAT handyman!!
Jump to Friday of the same week.....Our (mine & Mom's) annual craft show at Dr.'s Hospital. What another horrible day for me. I barely made $20.00 for the whole day and to top it off, somebody stole one of my eye comforts. I am happy though as my Mom did quite well at the show. That in itself was worth it. Saturday and Sunday I slept ALOT. 14 hours Friday/Saturday and another 12 hours Saturday/Sunday. I guess I was more exhausted than i thought I was.
Now it is another week and the drama continues. LOL Just not as drastic. SSDD normal everyday stuff. We are now getting ready for our annual Halloween Party on Saturday. Jack is on vacation this week and has been a very busy man. I on the other hand didn't get kicked into gear until today. He is such a wonderful understanding man. Thank God he also likes to clean LOL.
Monday I get to take Kelso to the Vet to be neutered and then we will have 5 cats in the house. We are taking him in because we are scared the dog will kill him as well. He is such a sweetie.
Ok, now sign up to follow my blog and send people to my online stores. I obviously need the money and everybody needs to start Christmas and Hannukah (sp) shopping. I also have made a few friends on my one store site and will try to list their shops as well for your shopping pleasure.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Good Morning!!
Well, at 9:31 pm last night Samuel Norman Seifreit was born!! He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 in long. Just BEAUTIFUL!! He looks just like his Dad and probably has a tad bit more hair than Mark even LOL. (Sorry Mark, couldn't resist)
Mom and baby are doing well. I will see if I can figure out how to post a pic or two on here.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today starts breast cancer awareness month. Have you had your mammies grammied? I know I haven't.
This month is also extra special to me as my cousin and team captain for Relay For Life is a 2 time breast cancer survivor and my bestest friend's Granni is also a breast cancer survivor. Granni does need some extra prayers right now as they did find a small area last week and said "it's probably benign". BUT like Granni said "that's what you said the last time." She goes back for another mammy in 6 months and we know all will be well. We are all praying for our Granni.
I'm also asking for prayers for bestest friend Jaci as she is sooooooo ready to pop Sammy out any day now. Hopefully we will get to welcome Sam into this world this weekend!! Sam, "you need to move it move it!!" We've been singing that to him for the last couple of weeks. LOL
Ok, now go schedule an appointment to get your mammies grammied!! There are some places that do do it for free (I haven't researched that yet) so, NO excuses!!
The best prevention is early detection.
If you would like to make a donation to The American Cancer Society, you may do so through me and or my team Fishing For A Cure.
I will update again as soon as we have stats on Sammy!! Have a great rest of the week everyone!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today is National Childhhod Cancer Awareness Day!!

Good morning everyone!!
Today is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day!! Before this last 2 1/2 year ordeal with my beautiful princess Cheesehead Chloe, I never even knew such a day exsisted. Chloe is my "niece" who will be 6 years old on the 26th and is now a Leukemia survivor!! She has taught us all so much at such a young age and it really has made us all a bit stronger. She is a very brave little girl!! I know, some of you are probably wondering "Cheesehead"? Well, when the poor thing had to go through her steroid fazes once a month, she turned into a bear and for about the first 6 months of steroids, all we could get her to eat was Kraft mac & cheese. But, when she would start to whine, I would ask her if she wanted some cheese to go with her whine. And the rest is history LOL. She is still our cheesehead (I think she likes the name) even though there are no more steroids. She just got stuck with it LOL. She still needs prayers as she still has the 5 year waiting period to be considered cancer free. Please remember to support the American Cancer Society with a tax deductable donation so that children like Chloe can live out their precious lives.
Have a Great Day everyone!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack

Well, it's been an exhausting couple of days here. I have been trying to get the word out about my online store(s), what a job! Yes, that is plural, I now also have another shop open (same products) on I did finish up and add some really cool (I think) barrettes on there yesterday.
I was right last week, the garage sale was a flop, for me anyway. (I told you I wasn't that good) I guess we are going to try again this Saturday and see how it goes. Almost everything will be 1/2 off and some new stuff was added.
I did sell a few hairties and owie bags. I just don't understand people though, they pick an item up (hairtie, owie bag) and ask how much and when you tell them the price they throw it like it burned them. I don't even charge what I charge online. My online prices have to help with fees etc. Oh well, their loss!! People just don't get the time and energy it takes to make handmade items. It is NOT mass production. I really try to do my best when I am making my stuff and I don't consider it to be junk.
On another note, I am STILL selling the discount cards to Macy's for the American Cancer Society. Sale day is September 20th and the cards are $5.00 each.
Ok, I guees I'm done ranting for now LOL.
Have a GREAT day everyone!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Afternoon !!

I have been working on a few new adventures in crafts and advertising for my shop the last couple of days. I want to send a HUGE thank you out to my friend Colleen for all her help through everything!! You really can meet some nice, helpful and cool people on the internet.
I want to also let everyone know that the shipping prices in my shop(s) are only to fill in space. I believe in ONLY charging ACTUAL shipping, not something that somebody else thinks is "fair". I don't mind running to the post office twice to get an exact total and then to send out an invoice and go back and mail the product. I don't like being taken advantage of, nor do I believe in taking advantage of others.
I got a lesson last night on Googling (Thanks again Colleen), and now I am also on Google!! You can Google hairtiesgalorenmore or Autism and Cancer Awareness and you will find me!! I also set up another myspace page for hairtiesgalorenmore.
Thank you to everyone for your support and input in my newest adventures. I could really use some prayers (as well as sales LOL).
Hope everyone has a GREAT day!! I'll be back soon..................

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Sunday everyone!!
I just did some tweaking in my shop and added a few new pics in the Autism/Cancer Awareness section. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the 13th is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. I am donating a portion of my sales from the Autism/Cancer Awareness section to the American Cancer Society. I have a 6 year old niece that is a Leukemia (blood cancer) survivor and we are so grateful to all of the research so that she is still here with us. We still have a long way to go yet as she is not "cancer free" for 5 more years, so all donations for research are crucial.
According to the American Cancer Society, more than 10,700 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in children under age 15 this year. And while rare, cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, exceeded only by accidents. The five-year survival rate for childhood cancer is 80 percent.
I also have the Autism scrunchies and can make Autism Owie Bags if interested. These are in honor of my other nieces and nephews that are diagnosed with Autism/Aspbergers.
I am happy to do special orders as long as I can get the materials needed. Please check out my shop and by all means make a purchase to support good cause!!
Thank you to everyone for your support and please feel free to send my shop and blog site out to everyone in your address book!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Morning!!

Good morning everyone!!
Yes I am up early this morning. It is garage sale day for me. I am going to set up my handmade goods and hopefully sell out of everything!! LOL Yeah right I'm not THAT good.
I have already skimmed through the newspaper this morning and there is an update today on my niece Beth. They have a very nice article and picture of her with her new bike that was given to her by a family friend Natalie Yaggi. Thank you Natalie!! Also, thank you again to everyone for all of your prayers and support throughout all of this.
I also want to thank blockheadrod this morning, for posting a promo in the etsy forums the other night. I have now learned how to advertise my etsy shop for free on the internet. You can see 1 of my "ads" at blockheadrods site a blog on Etsy blogs, just look for the Relay For Life/American Cancer Society avatar/symbol.
Ok, I better go get ready for the big day, say some prayers for us!!
Love to all,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New listings

New listings today!! I added some more of the eye comforts on etsy.
Please feel free to let others know about the etsy website, it is for handmade items only and there are alot of awesome crafters out there. Also, some wonderful gift ideas.......The holidays will be here before you know it!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The American Cancer Society

I almost forgot.............
I am selling discount passes to Macy's for $5.00 each. They entitle you to 1 day (Saturday September 20th) of discount shopping.
20% off regular, sale & Clearance women's, men's & kids apparel &accessories, fine, bridge & fashion jewelry, bed & bath items, housewares,frames, luggage, china,crystal & silver, all kitchen & personal care electronics & technology items.
10% off regular & sale furniture, mattresses & rugs.
You can also enter for a chance to win a $500.00 gift card as well.
Please let me know how many you would like to purchase so that I may get them out to you ASAP.
ALL (100%) of the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society for research.
Well, I gues I did it right. LOL.
My name is Sherry and I operate a shop on Etsy called hairtiesgalorenmore. I just made my first sale on Wednesday and got my feedback today. I am so excited!! I can't wait for the holiday season (my first on Etsy) and hope to do quite well. No hoping to high tho cuz you just never know how things are going to be for people, me included.
I have been trying my hand at crafts for a few years now as I got tired of selling for others and getting nothing in return. I do a few craft shows a year with my Mom who makes bubbling nightlights (I will try to post a pic). We have 2 favorite shows a year, one is for a scholarship fund in honor of a girl killed in a car wreck and the other is for The American Cancer Society. We are on our cousin's team Fishing For A Cure. She (my cousin) is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I also have a 6 year old niece that is a Leukemia survivor. We just had (1 month ago) her "No MO Chemo" party and it was great!!
I am getting ready to do a garage sale with my neighbor (my other Mom) to try to sell some more of my wares. She supports me as much as my real Mom and tries to help me out as much as possible too. I love having 2 Moms!!
I'm also getting ready to do an open house with one of my best friends on October 4th. We used to sell PartyLite together and are now out of that business and starting into a new venture with Primerica. I really need to get studying for my Life Insurance license so I can take my state test before I run out of time. I took my classes back in April (I think).
Anyway, we are doing an open house / bingo party to try and get rid of our stock. It was pretty successful when we tried it back in May. We also try to get crafters and other party plans involved so that they can get some sales and get their name out to the public more.
Everything has just been so hectic this summer that I have just lost all track of time. I fought with the cable company (and won) for a month, what a trip. Then this past Tuesday I get a phone call that my 16 year old niece was hit by a car. All is well tho, just bumps, bruises, scrapes and road rash. Oh, and a minor concussion.
Ok, I think I have done enuff babbling for now, but please feel free to visit my shop and maybe even make a purchase. LOL

Saturday, August 30, 2008

hairtiesgalorenmore: This is a test, this is only a test.....

This is a test, this is only a test.....

I am so very new to blogging that I am just going to write this to see if I did everything correctly. If I did, I want to thank Wendi for getting back to me and helping me get started. I asked Wendi for help because she has a nice blogspot herself and something just drew me to convo her on Etsy. Thanks again Wendi!!