Friday, July 24, 2009

So, this morning around 10:20 I called the company as I was instructed to by my credit union. I first spoke with Tim in customer service and advised him that I was taping the call. I then asked who I was to speak to about returning a computer and he said "that would be me." I went on to explain the situation and again was told "we do not give refunds on systems." Then I asked Tim, "what is a refund warranty?" Tim's reply to me after a bit of stammering was "we don't have a refund warranty for systems." Of course I told him that that is not what their emails say. So I end up asking for a supervisor, more stammering and put on hold.
Now I get Seth. Seth is the customer service manager for 3 BTech. According to Seth I am "basing everything on a lot of assumptions and I am misunderstanding their policies." He said "have you read our policies online at all?" I said " yes I have several times." He said "and you still don't understand what they mean that they can't refund your system ?" I said "no I don't." he again asked me "you have read our policies online?" I told him that I had the floppy drive installed for my Mom and the door was broken when we got it and that her floppies wouldn't work, so we opened the case to find no cables for the floppy drive. They sent the cables and the latch for the door and walked everyone through the "fixing" process. He then asked me if "I had purchased an operating system for the computer?" I told him "no." "Well that is why the floppy wasn't hooked up, because they generally don't hook it up before an operating system is installed."
Seth also says that I am "taking a stance before I even talk to them and that he has read my emails and my blog and that I am fighting the BIG companies and making a difference and making my point very clear to everyone and that's ok IF it's a legitimate reason. They are trying to help me, but I have not given them the opportunity to help me. We are definitely not double talking, but IF the system were refundable we were already out of our 30 days." I told him "we called probably within the first 2 weeks of having the system because of problems." He asked me "is there an RMA # I can look up to reference?" I told him "no there isn't, we fixed it ourselves." He then told me "that is your choice to fix it yourself, that is what the 1 year warranty is for." I then tried to explain how stupid it would be to keep shipping this computer to them for the stupid crap that has gone wrong with it when we can fix it ourselves. I was then told that "they want to help me, but I seem to have an issue with each solution they offer. They have co operated very well to this point. He would love to give me a full refund and be done with this whole thing, but it is against their policy and they have no market for used computers as they sell new ones, so they have nowhere to go with a used computer." He also said that "tech support could help walk us through hooking up the USB ports on the computer."
There are things I'm sure I missed on here, but I'm sick of listening to the tape to try and pull it all off. I will say that Seth was very even tempered but very adamant about "the policies" and wanting to fix the computer and make it right. I did however feel like I was being treated like an idiot. (Why ask me 3 times if I read the policies?) I mean if you have read the emails and the blog, why are you asking me questions that you already know the answers to?
Oh and my blog..."taking on the big companies to make a difference" um no, I take on companies and/or people that do wrong to me. If I were taking on the big companies to make a point or a difference, I wouldn't have much of a life because I would constantly be blogging and filing reports with the BBB and Ripoff Report.
I have had many a pleasant dealing with most every company I have dealt with in my lifetime, with these few exceptions. Excuse me for standing up for myself and not backing down like most people would do by now. I WILL NOT throw in the towel.
So, after I hung up with Seth, I phoned an attorney and asked what my rights were as an Ohio citizen. I was directed to go to the Consumer Sales Practices Act of Ohio website and copy/paste the information to 3BTech, which I did. It seems since I reside in the state of Ohio, their policies ARE VOID for me. They also didn't respond to the email but have been in here at least twice today.
Probably more crap come Monday, UGH!! Oh and "they don't sell crap computers, if they did they'd get them all back." How? They don't give refunds!!

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