Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick update

Hey y'all, thought I'd pop in for a quick update.
The BBB has basically dropped the case since the company only wants to offer repair services, but they will be keeping the complaint on file. Right now (as I type) I am waiting for my attorney to call me to see where we go from here. I should know something by tonight, YAY!! So much for my "threat of an attorney" huh?
Oh yeah, I'd also like to address the "anonymous" person that commented in my RipOff Report about me needing help and that I "am suffering from psychosis." Guess what? I KNOW who you are and don't bother to speak to me again. Excuse me for fighting in something I believe in and if you consider that psychotic, then thats YOUR problem.
YAY!! Mr attorney just called and we are going to send the computer back!!! I will fill in the blanks later, I have a bunch to do now.
Thank you again to everyone for your support it is greatly appreciated!! I can't wait to finish this all up!! I will try to get something running short term for Mom so that she can still stay online and keep in touch with everyone, but just in case I can't at least you will all know what is up for now.
Love to all!!


  1. I'm sure you mean they are going to accept it as a return.


  2. Posting this as anonymous because I forgot my blogger account pw...

    Not plugging in a floppy cable because an OS wasn't installed is a BS answer. It's better to have it available during the initial hardware scan so that the interrupt is set aside and not allocated for something like the network controller, printer or soundcard. (And yes, it still does happen even with PnP OS installs.) That was a quality control issue. Sounds like somebody dropped the drive, and in the haste not to get in trouble, shoved it in the case and forgot to plug it in...

    If you haven't already, you may want to consider wiping the hard drive. This keeps not only your data secure, but also keeps your software serial numbers from being harvested.

    There are a number of free applications to do the data wipe (no, a normal format is not sufficient) and makes it nearly impossible to get the data back. While most of the tools I use as a professional are a bit on the complex side (and cranky at times), there are a few that a quick google search will turn up.

    Most of them can be burned to a CD or copied to a bootable floppy (if that's working now) and will erase the average system in 4-20 hours.

    Search google for "security erase hard drive" and you'll find a number of them, one of which is DBAN. Excellent utility... Also, try "CMRR Secure Erase" which tells the drive itself to erase itself. Faster and more secure, must much more geeky.

    Good luck on the refund.