Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, they still haven't stepped up to the plate so to speak. BUT they were here 4 times yesterday and twice already today AND they had someone that works for them by the name of "Hugh Jass" get it "huge ass" write a comment on my Ripoff Report.
Title: You're being unreasonable and stupid
Comment: "First, you aren't going to get a refund, despite your empty threat of hiring a lawyer. You agreed to the terms and conditions when you placed the order. Second, you DO know this supposed lawyer will cost you many times the refund you aren't entitled to?
Third, you never gave the company a chance to repair the unit. They offered to pay shipping for you. Give them a chance.
Fourth, your statement "everything has a serial number" is just plain ignorant. Many custom built products don't have (or need) serial numbers...there's only ONE OF THEM.
So go ahead and whine like a 5 year old. The company is standing behind it's warranty. You have a choice: send in the computer or just huff and puff while you spend thousands on an attorney who can't help you. Grow up."

I did respond to Mr. Hugh Jass and told him I KNEW he was an employee of theirs, since his wording gave everything away. I also told him that I HAVE hired an attorney and it's not going to cost me what it's going to cost them since their policies are VOID in my state. I also told him and them to grow up.
I guess they really do think I am 5 years old. Well, this is NOT a tantrum, this is a LEGITIMATE GRIPE and we WILL NOT STOP until we get all her money refunded. Now, if they want to dick around some more, they can also pay my HUGE attorney fees that they think are going to be so expensive. I know I won't mind...

I would also like to know, if "one of a kind" products don't have serial numbers, then how would my Mom be able to identify her computer if it were to get stolen and recovered?
Mom also listened to the recorded phone call from Friday and said it was a bunch of double talk as well.
We talked to an associate at Wal Mart yesterday and I asked
if they had any computers that were returned that they were selling. She said "no, we take them back and we send them back to the companies to get our money back." WOW, Wal Mart refunds computers!!!

This part is for 3BTech, but y'all can read it too, my "empty threat of an attorney" will be contacting you within the next week or two...


  1. their sn should have been dom mass.
    seriously, ugh!

  2. LOL I knew bugeater would beat me over here! LOL

    You get 'em girl!

  3. you get em girl