Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Away We Gooooooo....AGAIN!!

Hey all,

I am now fighting a company called 3Btech computers, to get my Mom's money back for a computer she purchased in May and has had nothing but problems with. I called to see why we had to pay a restocking fee and was told, "we don't give refunds."

I then proceeded to write them an email that you would all be proud of and are probably getting used to. LOL BUT for some reason, I cannot copy and paste it in here. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyway, I have let them know that we are NOT satisfied customers and want our monies refunded and I just got another email from them stating yet again that they do NOT do refunds and they don't seem to think they are scamming anyone.

I also told them I would be posting here and I hope to figure out how to copy/ paste the emails here and I told them I was contacting the BBB as well as Ripoff Report...which I did already and sent them the link to Ripoff report.

Let me know if you really want to read the emails and I will email the directly to you unless I can get them to paste in here...Hopefully this link will at least get you to the original letter...

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  1. It's getting so that customer service has got down the tubes with the economy. Crazy!