Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, so far so good!! Saturday was our annual halloween bash and it was a blast!! So glad our friends enjoy themselves. I myself enjoyed a wee bit too much. Man I haven't been that plastered in a few years. It was all fine at first, but around 6 am it wasn't so good anymore. So, no margarita's for me for a while. LOL I guess it does help too if you eat a bunch of food before you drink the whole bottle and not just nibble here and there. YUCK Much better now, slept it off.
Yesterday was Kelso's big day, first trip to the vet. He got 2 shots and "snipped". I think he's still quite confused as to what's going on with being inside now.
Yesterday was also a big day for a good friend of mine. She went and had a breast ultra sound and ended up NOT having to have a mammogram just yet. (She is only 29) YAY!!
Friday was another special day for another friend of mine. She found out that she can go thru Invitro Fertalization later this year!! YAY!! We are hoping all goes well cuz they only have 1 shot thru their insurance.

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