Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Glad the month started out Great!!

I know, I know, It's been almost 3 weeks since I updated. Well, things have just went to hell the past few weeks. So far the best part of the month was the birth of Sammy, and of course my Mom had a birthday.
Well, as some of you know Jack and I were careing for an adorable kitten outside here. We were really trying hard to find her a good home. Last Monday morning I got up and went out to feed the cats (we have another one outside too Kelso) and I couldn't find my kitten. I looked around and unfortunately I found her. The neighbors dog had come over and killed her before I got up. It was a horrible day. Jack came home and buried her and then we came in and had to tear our fridge apart because it decided to blow the defrost switch again. SOOOOOOO, we were without a fridge for 3 days. Thank God Jack is such a GREAT handyman!!
Jump to Friday of the same week.....Our (mine & Mom's) annual craft show at Dr.'s Hospital. What another horrible day for me. I barely made $20.00 for the whole day and to top it off, somebody stole one of my eye comforts. I am happy though as my Mom did quite well at the show. That in itself was worth it. Saturday and Sunday I slept ALOT. 14 hours Friday/Saturday and another 12 hours Saturday/Sunday. I guess I was more exhausted than i thought I was.
Now it is another week and the drama continues. LOL Just not as drastic. SSDD normal everyday stuff. We are now getting ready for our annual Halloween Party on Saturday. Jack is on vacation this week and has been a very busy man. I on the other hand didn't get kicked into gear until today. He is such a wonderful understanding man. Thank God he also likes to clean LOL.
Monday I get to take Kelso to the Vet to be neutered and then we will have 5 cats in the house. We are taking him in because we are scared the dog will kill him as well. He is such a sweetie.
Ok, now sign up to follow my blog and send people to my online stores. I obviously need the money and everybody needs to start Christmas and Hannukah (sp) shopping. I also have made a few friends on my one store site and will try to list their shops as well for your shopping pleasure.

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