Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google AdSense REAL OR SCAM?

Mornin' all,
Well I got an email first thing this morning stating that my Google AdSense account has been disabled. You know, those ads I begged y'all to click on for me. They basically say I am a "financial threat" to their advertisers. I just last night reached the $100.00 mark that they require before they will "pay out" and OH now I'm disabled and WON'T get paid. No reason, just boom disabled. "They can do this at their disgretion at any time they wish". Lucky me!! So far I have NOT received a response from them, I sent them a "success story" like they asked but since it was an UNsuccess story I'm sure they won't even bother. They want me to file an appeal and NOT contact them in any other form. Their appeals process is again "at their disgretion". So I'm SURE there is NO winning on the consumers end.
I am still supporting my friend and her AdSense Ads, hoping they don't disable her as well. But as for anyone else signing up for this service I strongly urge you NOT to. My friend is up to $200.00 right now and we are desperately hopeing they leave hers alone and pay out as her money is for the IVF.
Does Google really think I'm going to get rich on their Ads? I was useing it as a supplemental income and advertised for them as you all know. As well as advertising my shops and my friends' shops, blogs, etc... WOW, I was always told there is no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme, but evidentally Google thinks they have one. More power to them!!!
Let me know if you or anyone you know has also encountered this problem with Google AdSense. I'd like to know I'm not the only one they've pulled this CRAP on.
Sorry for rambling, but I am sooooooooo very pissed.............................

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  1. that's pretty messed up =_=
    i feel for you... I'm wary of online advertising... hope you the best =/

    and yes they are jerks