Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today is National Childhhod Cancer Awareness Day!!

Good morning everyone!!
Today is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day!! Before this last 2 1/2 year ordeal with my beautiful princess Cheesehead Chloe, I never even knew such a day exsisted. Chloe is my "niece" who will be 6 years old on the 26th and is now a Leukemia survivor!! She has taught us all so much at such a young age and it really has made us all a bit stronger. She is a very brave little girl!! I know, some of you are probably wondering "Cheesehead"? Well, when the poor thing had to go through her steroid fazes once a month, she turned into a bear and for about the first 6 months of steroids, all we could get her to eat was Kraft mac & cheese. But, when she would start to whine, I would ask her if she wanted some cheese to go with her whine. And the rest is history LOL. She is still our cheesehead (I think she likes the name) even though there are no more steroids. She just got stuck with it LOL. She still needs prayers as she still has the 5 year waiting period to be considered cancer free. Please remember to support the American Cancer Society with a tax deductable donation so that children like Chloe can live out their precious lives.
Have a Great Day everyone!!

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