Monday, February 9, 2009

Another rampage and warning

Hello all,
I figured since I'm still on a rampage I would go ahead and blog about it and also warn others. STAY AWAY FROM AT&T!!!
So last year in April I decided I would take AT&T up on their offers and signed up with them. I was to get $200 back in rebates for taking the bundled package. I got $50 from the dish company they use and nothing else. No one could (or would) give me any information on where my other $150 was. In June I went back to cable and started getting calls from AT&T about my "bill". I said, You owe me $150 and when you pay me, I will pay you. Nothing. So today I get a phone call asking me to please call this number so that they will stop bothering this business. Here the collections company has been calling a factory and won't believe that I don't and never have worked there.
So, I call the number (collection agency) and we go through all this bs and she says "how will you be paying today, cash, check credit card?" I said "How will I be paying? I will pay when AT&T pays me what they owe me." Well says she, you will have to call them to take care of this then, but until then we will keep calling you at the number I just reached you at. HUH? I said, ummm I CALLED YOU!!
Oh, yes your right. Well we will continue to call the number we have on file (she reads number) I said, thats not my number and you need to quit calling the factory that you are bothering. I said I haven't even had a job in 7 years.
Soooooooo, now I call AT&T and I tell Jerry right up front not to take anything personally. I explain the whole situation that the collection agency is calling a shop and the shop tracked me down to get the message to me and that I am NOT paying the bill until I get my other $150.
Now I get put on hold so that Jerry can get ahold of the Rewards Department. Jerry comes back and has the rewards department on a 3 way. I again have to explain what the problem is only to be told "I'm sorry you no longer have service with us so we cannot issue you the rewards." EXCUSE ME? I was told when I signed up that I would get $200 back for signing with you. I kept the services for over a month and nobody could or would tell me where my rebates were and now you tell me I'm not getting them because I no longer have your services? That is correct. UUUMMM, I HAD THE SERVICES WHEN I WAS PROMISED THE REBATES. Yes, but you don't now, so we can't do anything. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Yes, give me my money and get me a supervisor. Well... GET ME A SUPERVISOR!!
On hold again (with a warning that supervisor is going to tell me the same thing) Hello? yes. Can I help you? Yes, I'd like the rebates I was promised last year when I signed up for your services. I am now in collections for a bill I do not owe you because YOU owe me $150! Guess what.............again "I'm sorry, you no longer have our services so there is nothing we can do for you." I say again, "BUT I HAD YOUR SERVICES WHEN I WAS EXPECTING THE REBATES!"
"Yes, but you no longer have them and theres nothing we can do. They don't even show up in the computer that you were to get them." WHAT?? I have all my notes from when I was calling and setting all this up. I was to get $200 in rebates back, I only got $50 from the dish company. Yes you cashed the check from the dish company. I know that, I want the rest of my money. Sorry can't help you.
Ok, fine you can write the bill I "owe" you off and you can talk to my attorney. You won't pay me what I am owed, your not getting anything from me. Talk to my attorney.
I guess you could say it's a typical Monday. Oh and a full moon to boot!
Be warned about AT&T they are scammers. Like my Grandma always said "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".


  1. Holy shit.... go get them GIRL!!!! haha

    *Note to self.... Don't piss off Sherry*

  2. wow that does suck hard. keep on them though! i read something some where where a phone company actually paid a man for his time and troubles, over 1 grand because he was given the run around by them- so he billed them for HIS time. keep with it girl!

  3. I hear you on this one! I changed to AT&T and have had nothing but problems. I have pixles on my tv and a problem with my internet. They fic the internet and give me a $10 refund a month for 6 months then I have pixles on my TV...4 months to fix that problem. I ask for a refund since at night I couldn't watch my TV...They tell me someone else gave me another refund on something (not really paying attention) and that I have enough in refunds for 6 months and they can't do anymore! I was fuming! Oh..and there customer service sucks!!!! Go after them and don't give up. They are rude and have no idea. If i would have known this ahead of time I would have never switched! Good luck to you and keep us posted!!

  4. Oh gosh, they are all scammers, every single one of them. Just know you are not alone and there is no such thing as customer service anymore, anywhere. I won't go into my horor stories here but I can sympathize with you.