Friday, February 20, 2009

Round 3 with AT&T

Ok folks here we goooooooooooooooo.............

Greetings Sherry,Thank you for your email in regard to the AT&T Rewards you were supposed to receive. I will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.
I can understand your frustration, but once you remove AT&T as your carrier, you forfeit any pending rewards that may have been issued. You would not be eligible to receive the additional $150.00 in rewards because AT&T is no longer your carrier.
If you have further questions, you must contact the AT&T Reward Center at 1-877-258-1427.
If I can be of any further assistance, please reply directly to this email.
Thank you for contacting AT&T. Regards,Anne
Your AT&T Customer Service Representative
That is the response I got from them this afternoon. Here is my reply back to them:
Obviously none of you really do understand my frustration as you keep typing the same form letter to me.

#1 I had YOUR services for the specified amount of time to receive MY rewards.
#2 NO ONE would give me a straight answer BEFORE I cancelled my services as to where MY rewards were.
#3 I WILL NOT contact the rewards department again as it seems to me that YOUR operators that took my orders for these services and rewards are the ones that LIED to me. So to cover YOUR backside, all of a sudden I am "no longer eligible". Here it is plain and simple BULLSHIT!! I am sick and tired of you big corporations taking advantage of everyone and if you think this is over, you better THINK AGAIN!! I am far from through with you!!
#4 As you already know, I have contacted local news stations about this and next on the list are the newspapers, the FCC and the BBB. Oh and I also update thousands (literally) of people about this in my blog.
So, get your paperwork ready and I will see you in court.
To be "of any further assistance" to me, you can "assist" me by giving me what is MINE!!

P.S. I should have known from the beginning that it was a scam when I tried every phone number and email address listed in your TV ads and they were ALL bogus!

Oh and as I write this I just got an email from them again it is as follows:
********************************************************************THIS IS AN AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED RESPONSEIf this response does not address your concern, please reply directly to this email.Please do not change the subject of your reply message.********************************************************************Please send us a new email. Email containing profanity is automatically rejected by our system. AT&T Online will be happy to assist you with your new request and we look forward to serving your needs now and in the future.Sincerely,AT&T Online
This is what I sent back after I changed it to "bullcrap":
Wow!! Your automated system knows when I cuss, but you can't open links or attachments that are sent?? Sounds like you have a really great virus protection there.


  1. What a drag customer service has gotten to be these days! Did you know that in this country we are not allowed to give out private information out..its against the law! But big health insurance companies are outsourcing your personal info, like SS#, Date of Birth, your address, number and your dependent's name and not to mention your diagnosis codes to other companies in other countries like India and the Philippines? Wow. I know what you experienced today just reminds me of my job having to deal with crap too! I feel your pain!

  2. omg. OMFG!!! i hope the bastards get what they fucken deserve.

  3. OMG, They are so full of shit it isn't even funny. They are sooo rude over there. Keep going and I hate to say it but I am looking forward to all your updates :0.

  4. They won't allow cuss words because that would be all they would receive in messages sent to them.... They think that if they jerk you around enough that you'll give up... Take em down girl!!!!

  5. AT&T is full of crap, I would never do business with them, I was looking at getting the I-phone but after this crap I don't want to deal with Theif's.
    AT&T's Rewards for Referrals promotion is a huge fraud.
    Just google At&T Promo Scam, and you get hundreds of thousands of links to others people's blogs all saying the same thing. Dont get fooled by AT&T, that is bullshit and we shouldn't stand for it

  6. Oh I understand. I worked for MCI in the mail room for 3 years before they went down. The mail was really dangerous at some point. customer once faxed his bill 9,999 times I figured that was as high as his counter. I didn't blame him. I had seen it come through 3x already. It tied up the line, computer was set to print out every page no killing the print, every customer fax had to be received, no one knew how to stop it, was management's decision to let it run....we were all rollin.....went and got another case of paper.