Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't care...My response to anonymous

You know what, I don't care if you believe any of this or not, that is your problem not mine. I DO have any attorney for small claims court not that it is any of your business and what do you care? Your not paying for it. Oh and a decent attorney is and will get involved, again not that it's any of your business.
They can fix the machine and send it back, cuz it will go right back to them refused. I never said they were obligated to give a refund, you did.
I do understand basic business transactions and me being psychotic has nothing to do with understanding what is right. My psychosis is what gets me through life and dealing with idiots like you.
They have already sent a prepaid shipping label, so sorry to disappoint you, but you won't be hearing about them not refunding the shipping.
Oh and I (and I'm sure everyone else is too) was just wondering, you said I can tell the whole world who you are, then why do you keep insisting on posting as anonymous? I mean if you don't care, then go public or does your psychosis not let you come out of the closet?


  1. Let's see if this works.

    I hope all this gets resolved soon. I know you will be glad to have it all taken care of.