Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well another month has passed by and so far so good. Now I'm just feeling old LOL On Sunday May 31st my nephew Ryan graduated high school and then on June 5th he graduated our local JVS. I am so proud of him!! Also on June 5th it was my niece Beth's 17th birthday. Who said these kids were allowed to grow up? I guess I know now what my aunts, uncles and grandparents went through with us. LOL It is just so weird, especially when it seems like just yesterday they were born. Where did the time go?

So far no more bats in my house and I think we are going to try to stay put for a while. Meds have helped with anxiety and I have been able to cut back on them actually. YAY!!

We had our annual garage sale this past weekend and did pretty good. I sold bunches of hairties as well as got rid of some stuff here at the house. I am looking into trying out our local farmers market which is open on Saturdays through the summer. That will help me get us back on track with the bills that got behind when I was not feeling so good.

I was hoping to be able to get away this month for a small vacation since the 22nd is our 18th anniversary and the 26th is hubbys birthday, but I don't think thats going to happen. Such is life...and bills LOL

Ok, I'm off for now. Be sure to visit my online shops and check out the ones on Etsy that are in my shop announcement!

I'll be back hopefully sooner than a month.............




  1. Glad your yard sale was a success. Maybe ya'll can at least get a weekend aways for your 18th anniversary!


  2. How true they ALL Grow Up! And So Very Fast TOO!

    Gods Blessings and Also know God does not Bring Sun when the Heart needs Rain!

    Also know God doesn't give us More than we can Handle!

    I can Sympathize with your Pain as I deal with Chronic Pain on a Daily Basis!

    It will get better! take each Day as they Come and A Deep Breath!

    Cyber Hugs Cindy Alette