Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Many thanks

Hi everyone!
I am in a mood today, so I thought maybe if I did a nice blog it might just cheer me up a little bit.
I want to tell you all thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers, support, understanding and many shoulders I have cried on. These past couple of months have been horrible for me to say the least, but I am grateful to have such an awesome husband, family and friends!
Quick recap of the past couple months for those who have no idea what I am refering to.
In Feb I fell off the exam table at Dr.'s office and displaced my pelvis. I walked for 3 weeks thinking it was just ripped muscles (OUCH).
March I found yet another bat in my basement and have now been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress syndrome as well as Severe Anxiety Disorder. (Not fun at all) I also have my very own pharmacy going on here at my desk as some meds didn't work for me, so we'll try another. (UGH!)
April still trying to see what meds work and what doesn't. Then poor Jack has to go to the Dr and have a CT Scan. Poor thing had a kidney stone. Thank God it passed quickly!
Then somewhere in there I had a minor Meniere's attack on top of everything else. (Meniere's Disease is a balance disorder that I have as well, I'll blog about it another time)
May, well, so far so good I guess for May. I did a garage sale with my neighbor last weekend and made just enough to pay for my truck tags. I also got to see some good friends over the weekend and celebrate my birthday with them. (Drank a little too much LOL)
Please keep the prayers coming as they are greatly appreciated and very much needed! Some days (like today), I don't even want to function.
I am however still promoting both of my online shops and would appreciate any and all extra traffic you could send me.
Thank you again to all of you for everything!!